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3 Things To Prioritize When Selling Your House

The market is full of opportunities due to the record low mortgage rates today. Having a high buyer demand paired with a record low housing inventory means it’s a great time to sell your house. That being said, you still need to make sure that you’ll have a successful sale. We’re here to help you with these tips to get you a successful sale.

1. Price Your House Right

It’s common to think buyers will pay whatever you ask when setting a listing price due to the low inventory. But that’s not always true! Even in a sellers’ market, listing your house for the right price will maximize the number of buyers that would want to see your house. 

This creates the best environment for a bidding war, which in turn are most like to increase your final sale price. Having a real estate professional is your best choice to help you set the best price for your house so you can achieve your financial goals.

2. Keep Your Emotions in Check

Today, people are living in their houses for a longer period of time. Since 1985, the average time of a homeowner owned their home has increased from 5 to 10 years

With that tenure, people tend to have more emotional attachment to it. If it’s your first home or this is where you child grew up, it likely means that it is a special place for you. For homeowners, that attachment can make it even harder to separate the emotional value of the house from the fair market price. For this reason, you may need a real estate professional to help you with negotiations along the way.

3. Stage Your House Properly

We’re generally quite proud of our décor and how we’ve customized our houses to make them our own unique homes. However, not all buyers will feel the same way about your design and personal touches. That’s why it’s so important to make sure you stage your house with the buyer in mind.

Buyers want to envision themselves in the space so it truly feels like it could be their own. They need to see themselves inside with their furniture and keepsakes – not your pictures and decorations. Stage, clean, and declutter so they can visualize their own dreams as they walk through each room. A real estate professional can help you with tips to get your home ready to stage and sell.


With the current market standing, now might be the best time to make your move. If you’re considering selling your house, let’s connect today so you have the expert guidance you need to navigate through the process and prioritize these key elements.

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