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Monthly Archives: July 2021

    A Look at Housing Supply and What It Means for Sellers

    By Kathleen Provancher | July 27, 2021

    The shortage may be caused partly by the pandemic but it can't take all the credit. Yes, it did make some sellers hold off on listing their houses over the past year but the truth is that the low supply of homes was years in the making. Let's dive deeper at the root cause and what does the future hold to uncover why now is still a perfect time to sell your home. Read More

    3 Hot Topics in the Housing Market Right Now

    By Kathleen Provancher | July 26, 2021

    As a prospective buyer or seller, one must understand the conditions of the current real estate market. The Counselors of Real Estate (CRE) just released its Top Ten Issues Affecting Real Estate report. Here are three hot topics from the list and how they impact today’s housing market. Read More

    What You Should Do Before Interest Rates Rise

    By Kathleen Provancher | July 23, 2021

    It is no secret that we're experiencing near record low interest rates in today's real estate market. If you're staying in your current home for several years and haven't refinance lately, chances are, you have a mortgage with a higher interest rate than today's normal. Here are things you should consider if you want to full take advantage of today's current low rates before they rise. Read More

    Experts Agree: Options Are Improving for Buyers

    By Kathleen Provancher | July 16, 2021

    Buyers hoping for more homes to choose from may be in luck as housing inventory begins to rise. Many experts agree – new sellers listing their homes is great news for buyers and the overall market. Read More

    Diving Deep into Today’s Biggest Buyer Concerns

    By Kathleen Provancher | July 15, 2021

    survey showed 77% of respondents believe it’s a “good time to sell,” it also confirms what many are sensing: an increasing number of Americans believe it’s a “bad time to buy” a home. Read More

    Housing Supply Is Rising. What Does That Mean for You?

    By Kathleen Provancher | July 14, 2021

    The number of homes for sale is a vital factor in today's real estate market. While the inventory levels are still near historic lows, there are indications that we may have hit the lowest point and we'll see a gradual increase moving forward. Read More

    Why This Isn’t Your Typical Summer Housing Market

    By Kathleen Provancher | July 13, 2021

    The summer months becomes a slower-paced market than the traditional busy spring season. But this summer, is far from the norm. As the economy bounces back and life is returning to normal, the real estate market is forecasted to have an unusually strong and busy summer season. Read More

    4 Major Incentives To Sell This Summer

    By Kathleen Provancher | July 12, 2021

    The housing market forecast for the second half of the year remains positive. You might be thinking "I'll wait until I can get more profit from selling my house", but there may not be a better time to sell than right now! We listed four things to consider if you're trying to decide if you want to make the move now. Read More

    Should I Move or Refinance?

    By Kathleen Provancher | July 9, 2021

    The level of equity homeowners have is at an all-time high. According to the U.S. Census, over 38% of owner-occupied homes are owned free and clear, meaning they don’t have a mortgage. Those with a mortgage are seeing their equity skyrocket too. Once a real estate property increases in value, its homeowner gets a dollar-for-dollar gain in their home equity as well. Read More

    Are You Pricing Your Home Right?

    By Kathleen Provancher | July 8, 2021

    The Real Estate Market today is considered a Seller's Market. With low inventory on houses for sale partnered with a high buyer demand, homes today are selling way above the asking price at a record rate Read More